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Surgical InstrumentsSurgical Instruments

Judd Medical's range of surgical instruments is manufactured in the UK by our sister company Incus Surgical to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Conforming to all relevant European and International Standards, our instrumentation comes with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

A Guide to Instrument Care and Maintenance

Instruments represent a significant material asset within the overall investment of a hospital. The Care and Maintenance these instruments receive is critical to their performance during surgery and to the cost containment efforts of each hospital authority. Having made the investment in a quality product, the authority can expect several years of trouble-free use if the operator utilizes proper techniques during use, care, and handling of its surgical instruments.

This section of our website is designed to help prolong the functional capability and value of these instruments and should be used in conjunction with the individual hospital policy for cleaning and sterilizing.

In an effort to reduce the cost and expenses associated with surgical instruments, many hospitals are finding that prevention is better than cure. As a result, more and more healthcare institutions are developing specific standards and programs for proper instrument maintenance and care.

An understanding of the materials used to manufacture instruments, and their characteristics, coupled with a sound knowledge regarding correct reprocessing procedures will result in a trouble-free, long-lasting life for your surgical instruments.


1 The Myth about Stainless Steel »»
2 Materials »»
3 Quality Control & Standards »»
4 Developing a Comprehensive Instrument Care Programme Cleaning & Disinfecting »»
Lubrication »»
Inspection »»
Sterilisation »»

5 A General Guide on How to Inspect Instruments »»
6 Troubleshooting & Identifying Problems »»
7 Recognising Spotting, Staining & Corrosion Problems »»
8 Prevention is Better than Cure »»



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