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Judd Medical


Judd Medical supplies a comprehensive range of medical products, equipment and repair services tailored to the precise needs of the EBME Department.

If you have a product requirement not currently featured on our website, please contact our dedicated CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM +44(0)1527 559010, who will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, we have AREA SALES SPECIALISTS who are able to visit you on-site and discuss your product requirements.

Should you require any further information, please complete the Enquiry Form at the foot of the page.

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• Electrosurgery Products: Electrosurgery Products
   Re-usable & Single Use
   Micro Dissection Needles
   Universal Monopolar & Bipolar Cables
   Monopolar & Bipolar Forceps
   Dispersive Cables
   Diathermy Handcontrols/Fingerswitches

• CUDA® Fibre Optic Illumination: Cuda Surgical-Fibre Optics
   Lightsources: Xenon & LED
   Fibre Optic Headlights
   Headlight Cables: Straight & Bifurcated
   Fibre Optic Cables: Straight/Endoscopic
   Universal Adaptors

• Power Tool Repairs & Instrument Re-insulation Service Repairs


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