AquaCast Protective Liner | Waterproof Cast Liner


The most comfortable waterproof, breathable cast liner.

If you've broken a bone and want to remain active, an AquaCast Liner is the perfect solution for you. AquaCast is the fastest drying, most breathable and comfortable waterproof cast liner available. All AquaCast liners are Latex Free.

AQUACAST Liner Benefits Include:

Improved patients quality of life with a breathable, fast drying cast liner.

Favourable skin condition following cast removal.

Reduced costs and time associated with re-casting.


Products from Aquacast:

Aquacast Liners Standard 12 Pk

AquaCast Saw Stop Protective Strip

AquaCast Hipster Protective Liners

AquaCast Protective Liner

Watch the demo video: Long Arm Cast Application

No matter what your age, having a cast that you can get wet will make a big difference in your recovery period. Don’t wear a cast cover when you don’t have to wear one.

With an AquaCast you’ll be able to:

* Play sports

* Wash the dishes

* Go for a run

* Take a shower

* Wash your car

* Take a bath

* Go hiking

* Wash your hands

* Wash the dog

* Go swimming

Single Cast Kit 3 x 2 inch Rolls

Single Cast Kits

All you need for one-off cast applications.
Suitable for child/adult applications such as:

Short Arm
Thumb Spica
Ulnar Gutter
Long Arm
Short Leg
Long Leg
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AquaCast Liner Rolls are breathable waterproof cast liners made with waterproof and breathable expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE).

Available in 2”, 3” and 4” widths. Each roll is 66” long. Rolls can be purchased by box (12 rolls per box).

With a newly engineered design, AquaCast Liner rolls are easy to apply.
AquaCast Form Fit

Form Fit

A convenient, one-piece design provides a time-saving padding solution for a short arm cast.

The rugged liner cannot be pulled or removed from the cast by the patient.
AquaCast Saw Stop

Saw Stop

This protective strip of blue material is used in circumstances where the cast technician feels a layer of protection is needed. The material is designed to work with AquaCast Liner material to dry quickly even after being immersed in water.

Available in 10 foot rolls of 1-1/4 inch wide protective strip, the rolls feature adhesive backing for ease of application.

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