Carolon Compression Garments

Carolon Compression Stockings, Tights & Socks for Men & Women

Couture – Luxury Compression Hosiery Never Felt So Good

- All the benefits of Health Support

- Luxury Line

- Anti-microbial technology

- Less sheer in appearance

Healthy medical compression & fashion come together beautifully in this range of Carolon Compression hosiery.

Carolon compression stockings, tights & socks use high-tech microfibre yarns to provide a soft, silky, luxurious feel on the skin and are fashionable for wear with any attire.

Carolon Couture compression stockings & tights are 'shaped to fit' combining optimal stretch fabric with a unique contouring process providing ease of wear & superior comfort.

Perfect combination of function & fashion!

3 Primary Factors Affect Patient Compliance

1. Ease in donning or doffing a stocking

Carolon's multi-directional stretch of the knit-in Spandex enables the patient to easily overcome resistance required to stretch the stocking over the heel.

2. Wearing Comfort

Carolon's knit-in Spandex technology provides a very smooth compression profile.

3. Ease of Care

Carolon has conveniently designed all their compression garments to be both machine washed & tumbled dried.

Health Support – Comfortable Compression for Every Day

- Available from Judd Medical and the Drug Tariff FP10/GP10

- Knit-in spandex – multi-directional stretch

- Double covered spandex

- Specially designed and medically correct as prescribed - Graduated compression

How Does Carolon Advanced Knitting Construction Work?

Compression garments manufactured with breathable, micro-fibre yarns with a proprietary Carolon Comfort Knit™ design for complete ease of application, maximum stretch characteristics, and soft silky coverage.
Carolon has advanced the knitting technology for medical compression fabric. The elastic yarns are knitted directly within the nylon structure. This unique process allows for the elastic fabric structure to provide accurate compression, multi-dimensional stretch, easier application and better all day comfort.
Standard compression fabric is constructed with elastic yarn “Laid In” the fabric to provide compression. The elastic yarn floats in the stitches using bands of elastic. This type of construction only has two way stretch.
Both ranges benefit from the Carolon Compression Knitted Fabric

Which level of Compression Support to Choose?

Class 1 (14-17 mmHg)

Light pressure helps to prevent edema and leg discomfort. Also helps deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in individuals subjected to immobility.

Class 2 (18-24 mmHg)

Moderate pressure helps to prevent more severe swelling and discomfort. Often used after laser varicose vein and venous ablation procedures.

Class 3 (25-35 mmHg)

A high level of pressure used for those with severe vascular insufficiency and for the prevention and treatment of venous ulcers.

Comfort Advantage of Couture Hosiery

Because of knit-in Spandex technology, Carolon Couture provides a very smooth compression profile from ankle to thigh which means the pressure transition form 100% at the ankle to 40% at the thigh is almost imperceptible to the patient. The smooth compression profile created by the knit-in Spandex technology also means that the pressure under the the top bands of the stockings is no greater than the pressure below the bands unlike many stockings who use higher band pressures to keep the stockings in place resulting in an uncomfortable user experience.

Carolon Health Support Medical Stockings that doctors prescribe are specially designed and medically correct for exact graduated compression.

Available to order through our online shop or via the Drug Tariff FP10/GP10.
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Health Support Compression Garments

    Availability: Class 1 (14-17 mmHg) or Class 2 (18-24 mmHg)

    Couture Compression Garments

      Disclaimer: Unless already prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional, we recommend in order to obtain the correct size, which will ensure that the hosiery works correctly and feels comfortable, that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you.