STERILE Single Use - Micro Dissection Needles

Disposable Micro Dissection Needles suitable for a wide variety of diathermy procedures and allowing for greater accuracy, the TUNGSTEN Dissection Needles offer precise tissue dissection with improved cutting & coagulation performance.

CE Marked and Manufactured to International Standards

Individually STERILE packaged

Sold In Packs of 10 or 24

Our Micro Dissection Needles conform to:

- Medical Directive 93/42/EEC

- ISO 13485:2016

- ISO 14001:2015

- Class IIb Medical Device

Our Single Use/Disposable Micro Dissection Needle Electrodes are supplied direct or are available via the NHS Supply Chain

We actively engage in national procurement exercises across an ever-broadening range of products to support the NHS and appear on numerous
NHS Framework Agreements for Diathermy Consumables.

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