Research & Development

Research & Development

Meet the Team: Peter Judd, Alan Arkell & Tony Docherty

Research & Development Department

The Research & Development department within Judd Medical have a dedicated & hard-working team who strive to offer the best & most practical range of products & services to a highly demanding industry. They continuously endeavour to bring new & innovative products to market which will help benefit both Clinicians & Surgeons.
In 2017 our Research & Development Team have successfully brought 2 innovative products to the Healthcare Industry.

Opportunities - Turning your innovative ideas into products!

Having recently being awarded ISO13485 & 14001 for the commitment to the safety and quality of our medical devices, being a forward-thinking company, we use our insights to help develop and bring innovative products to market and welcome the opportunity of developing your ideas with you.

If you have a product or concept that you are looking to develop further and would like to join one of our R&D monthly meetings then please contact us by email or