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adeor™ offer a portfolio of state of the art equipment, focused on specialised procedures in Neurosurgery, Gynaecology/Obstetrics & Vascular Surgery.

Offering Superior non-stick technology – Made in Germany

adeor™ uses pure 925 Sterling Silver for its nxt™ non-stick technology. An alloy with a very high silver content (92.5 % pure silver) and unsurpassed thermal and electrical conductivity. Thanks to these superior thermal conductivity properties, their bipolar instruments offer the industry-leading nxt™ non-stick effect.

adeor™ develop their products in close co-operation with leading surgeons, resulting in products which deliver on their four key principles:
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Targeted innovation

No compromise on product safety

Improved efficiency of medical procedures

Improved product ergonomy

Based on more than 40 years of experience in the surgical equipment industry, they continue to offer products that are the tools of choice for surgeons across the globe.


nxt™ Single-use Non-stick Bipolar Forceps

- Solid silver tips for a superior non-stick effect (compared to coated silver tips)

- Slim forceps profile, thin tines and excellent visualization

- Can be used with standard bipolar cables

- Optimal balance and weight

- High stability (no scissoring)

- Precision coagulation

- True tip alignment

- Premium look & feel

nxt™ Single-use Irrigation Non-stick Bipolar Forceps

The adeor nxt™ single-use line of bipolar forceps also includes non-stick irrigation forceps which combine their premium bipolar forceps technology with irrigation capability.

adeor nxt™ single-use irrigation non-stick bipolar forceps come with the same solid silver tips and slim forceps profile as the non-irrigation forceps.

All nxt™ single-use (irrigation) non-stick bipolar forceps can be used with standard bipolar cables and irrigation tubes (luer lock).


Neurosurgery - Cranial Perforators