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We are adding to our product portfolio a range of medical products specifically for use in Veterinary Surgery.


AquaCast Liners for Veterinary Use

AquaCast® Liners has serviced the animal health market for a number of years and is now available to buy in the UK.

The waterproof and breathable cast padding for use with domestic animals, the equine market as well as farm animals and other larger animals.

The liner, which can be exposed to water without concern, is easy to apply and will help to keep your animal clean and healthy.

Benefits Of Using AquaCast

• Waterproof and Breathable
• Allows for Cleaning of the Cast and Limb
• Low Odour
• Less Friction
• Minimal Layers Required
• Available in rolls up to 6 inches wide

AquaCast® Liner is available in Standard 12 Roll Pack.

Length of Roll is 5.5'

Sizes available:
2" width
3" width
4" width
6" width (6 per box)

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